Google Ads Case Study

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When this furniture store approached us, they’d already been running Google Ads for a year.

Over the course of that year, they had built 5 separate campaigns, but none of these campaigns had garnered the results they had wanted.

The month before we started managing the account, the campaigns had only generated 2 Leads with an average Cost Per Lead at $832.05.

This low lead volume and high CPL had encouraged the company to reach out to us, and after an audit of the account, we were confident that we could bump down the CPL and boost the number of leads.

One of the first things we noticed during our audit was that the company was getting a lot of traffic from people searching for clothing fabric. This was due to search terms like “Designer Fabrics” which were not specific enough to target users who were interested in the types of fabric that this furniture company sells.

Another reason that this account was hemorrhaging money on unqualified clicks was because there were only 15 Negative Keywords in the entire account.

Thus, our major initiative in rebuilding this account was to compile a list of specific long-tail KWs that captured the products and services that this company offers; we also focused on excluding unqualified traffic with a thorough list of negative KWs.

After running some volume estimates, we came up with a list of 38 KWs that we were confident would drive qualified traffic to the website.

In addition, we compiled several hundred negative KWs and wrote some ad copy that highlighted the client’s years of experience and expertise.

As the chart above illustrates, we saw a steady drop in CPL and a steady rise in lead volume once we launched the new campaigns at the end of November.

Moving forward, these trends have continued over the course of several months.

During the month of March, we achieved 70 Conversions with an average CPL of $22.65, which marked a huge improvement over the 2 conversions that the account received at an average CPL of $832.05 during the month before our management.

Needless to say, the client was super pumped to see a high volume of qualified leads rolling in at such a steady and affordable rate. As a result, their phone started ringing a lot more and the amount of business they were receiving increased substantially.

This increase in leads not only helped drive people to their store, but also triggered dozens of awesome Google reviews from satisfied customers.

By handing their Google PPC over to us, we were able to increase their customer base, which allowed the furniture store to focus on what they do best: custom furniture design and upholstery.

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Law firm case Study

This law firm approached us with a Google Ads account that had been active for a year but wasn’t getting the kind of results that the law firm would like.

The month before we started managing this account, the law firm received 8 leads with an average CPL of $439.86.

The goal then was pretty simple: increase lead volume while simultaneously lowering the average CPL to $225.

Our extensive experience in legal marketing ensures that every legal build runs smoothly, and this legal account was no different.

Not only were we able to draw from the experience we have in this industry, but we were also able to take advantage of the year’s worth of data that was already in this account.

The search history in this account allowed us to put together a strong list of initial KWs, as well as a list of over 1300 negatives to ward off unqualified leads. We were also able to improve the ad copy by adding a 3rd Headline and a 2nd Description.

This addition alone gave us an extra 120 extra characters, which we used to highlight the law firm’s outstanding track record and emphasize their USP.

During the first week of actively managing this account, the CPL dropped 45% to $240.27, and after another week of optimizations, we were able to get the CPL beneath the target CPL of $225 (the account is currently bringing in leads at a CPL of $116.95, which is great for legal firms, given the high Cost-Per-Clicks in this vertical). As the chart above also illustrates, we were able to drastically increase the amount of leads that this law firm was receiving. Compared to the 30 day period before we started management, the first 30 days of our management saw a 188% increase in lead volume.

Our mission is to provide clients the opportunity to grow with peace of mind.

The first step in that process is making sure that clients are happy with the results that are coming in from the money that they’re spending on digital marketing.

In the case of this law firm, the client was very satisfied with the huge improvement they saw in lead volume, lead quality, and CPL, and as a result they’ve been more than happy to stick with digital marketing.

As this example shows, steady PPC results can go a long way in helping clients to continue growing their business with peace of mind.


Psychological Group

When we inherited this account, the psychology group had been advertising on Google since February 2015.

Prior to our management, the account had spent over $38k and received 9 conversions with an average CPL of $2.78k.

Given that this CPL is incredibly high, our goal was to rebuild the client’s trust in PPC advertising by demonstrating that we could get high-quality leads at an affordable price.

While there was definitely room for improvement in every aspect of this account, we quickly realized that one of the major issues was with the client’s website, given that there were no form fills, the messaging was too general, the links were broken, and the main offer (a free consultation) wasn’t explicitly stated.

Enter our Landing Page experts. In order to increase conversion rates, we put together a great Squeeze Page with clear CTAs, targeted content, form fills, and other important features that turn webpage traffic into leads.

In addition to a new Landing Page, we built a strong ad campaign with a comprehensive keyword list, over 1000 negative keywords, and messaging that highlighted the benefits of the psychology group’s services

We launched the new campaign at the beginning of January 2019, and even though the campaign account has only been running for a few months, we’ve already gotten better results than the client ever dreamed of.

After spending $5601.41 for a single lead in 2018, the psychology group was amazed when they saw a 4700% increase in Lead Volume with a 99% drop in Cost Per Lead.

Although the psychology group had at first been hesitant about advertising on Google, these great results encouraged them to continue allocating a portion of their monthly ad spend to PPC.  

The steady stream of leads that resulted from our ad campaign was very exciting for this psychology group, and they were especially impressed by how granular we could be with our keyword targeting.

Rather than simply targeting broad searches for “psychotherapy” or “mental health,” we were able to utilize the client’s ad spend more effectively by bidding on specific, long-tail KWs such as “Toronto child psychologist” and “counseling for couples” which resulted in high-quality leads who were actively looking for the services that this psychology group specializes in.

By creating a frictionless exchange between the psychology group and potential clients, we were able to allow the psychology group to reach the audience that they want to serve.

The growth that resulted is what we strive to facilitate with all of our partners


Providence Dental Spa

This dentist office had never advertised on Google Ads before, and they wanted to see if PPC could help them gain more clients.

With an Average Customer LTV of $8,000 and an Average Closing Rate of 15-25%, the client expressed a desire to achieve a Target CPL of $400.

While there was no existing data in this account, our extensive experience in the dental industry allowed us to put together a thorough campaign.

We were able to pool together the data we’ve gathered from similar dentistries in order to target the highest-quality keywords while simultaneously excluding search terms that never convert well for dentists.

After customizing the keywords to match the specific location, services, and hours, we then put together some copy that highlighted what was unique about the dentistry.

Putting together the ad copy for this account was super fun because both the spa-like experience of the dentist office and the awesome documented results were both great selling points that we were confident would convert straight out of the gate.

Our experience working with dentistries really paid off with this account, as we were able to obtain immediate results and quickly optimize the account in order to increase conversions while simultaneously decreasing the cost/conv.

In fact, the numbers here are a little misleading, as we were actually able to obtain way more leads than Google was able to track.

The reason for this discrepancy is that Google does not currently record call conversions that come from location extensions.

In the case of this account, 40% of our leads came from location extensions, so we had to formulate a suitable way of reporting our success to the client.

The way we did was this to provide a detailed call-log of every phone call that the client received through Google Ads, which was a solution that the client was very happy with. 

During the month of January, we were able to achieve 74 leads with a CPL of $17.94 (well above the initial Target CPL of $400) and the client was so pumped about these results that they expressed a desire to explore other PPC advertising platforms. Enter Dylan Carpenter, our Facebook Guru.

Starting in February, this dentistry started advertising on Facebook with killer results.

As is often the case, success in one advertising platform encourages a client to want to advertise in other advertising platforms, thereby increasing their revenue.

We’re always super excited to be a part of that journey.


Psychology Group

Starting out, the primary goal for this tree company was to acquire more local leads for the company’s four primary services: tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, and arboriculture.

This company had been using Google Ads for about a year when they handed the account over to us.

Over the course of that year, they had spent $21,183.04 for 124 conversions, which amounts to $152.72 per lead.

The company was understandably unhappy with these results: they wanted to substantially increase the volume of leads and cut down the cost-per-lead to $30.

Our We love data, so we were super pumped to get our hands on this tree company’s account and start sifting through all the data they’d accumulated over the past year.

After analyzing this data and conducting our own keyword research, we were able to build a brand-new campaign with high-quality keywords, a thorough negative keyword list, granular geo-targeting, optimized bids, and ad copy that both highlighted the company’s services and aligned itself with the company’s overall persona and messaging. 

During the first couple months of the new campaign, we were able to achieve a steady stream of leads at $48.38 per lead (already much better than the $152.72 CPL that was present when we inherited the account) but we still weren’t satisfied with the volume of leads and knew that we could continue to bump down the CPL through optimization.

More importantly, we had gathered enough data on our original campaigns to know what was working well and where we could improve. After implementing a new search campaign, running a new set of ads, and conducting our standard optimizations, we were able to triple the amount of leads we were receiving while simultaneously bumping the CPL down to $31.05.

The following month we saw a further increase in lead volume and were able to achieve an incredible $14.77 CPL.

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