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We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions.” –David Walmsley
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Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” –Seth Godin
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what we Do

Facebook &
Instagram Ads

Showcase your products to the right audience with the right offer to scale your brand faster than any other medium

Search Engine

We rank your website #1 on Google organically for relevant search terms so as to get you consistent nationwide sales without spending a dime on ads

PPC/Google ads

Be the first to be in front of the people who are already in-market for your product and are actively searching for it on Google


Make/re-design a website that instills trust in your customer and offers all the functionalities needed for your marketing efforts to convert

YouTube ADS

Creating videos that capture the quality and utility of your product and the essence of your brand to display in front of a targeted audience

Affiliate Marketing

Setup multi-channel affiliate programs for your ecommerce stores that generate consistent sales and a gives you a whole new customer base

Email Marketing

The simple and the most economical way to increase your ROI and purchases on the same product from your existing customers.

Social Media

Interact with your existing audience and attract new customers through images & videos on various social media platforms that exhibit your brand ethos

Advanced Systems
and Financing

Develop cross-selling and up-selling functionalities for your store for more purchases and allow your customers to pay in installments while you get paid in full upfront for a higher average order value and profit margins
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Upptick started off as a one man show but now is being run by 2 friends turned partners.

Our Founder started off with an internship in a digital marketing firm 7 years back. He fell in love with how valuable it was to land quality leads for business owners and how much more profitable digital marketing was as compared to traditional marketing. 

The internship led him to a full-time job at the same agency where he went on to lead 21 projects inside the next 9 months. He quickly perceived the growth and the future of digital marketing and doubled down on it by going solo. Hence, the birth of Upptick.

About a few months later, his friend and Upptick’s co-founder joined the team leaving his existing job at yet another digital marketing agency.
The first 8 months were tough for both of them having no experience in running a business whatsoever.

Although, they kept on pursuing their dream of creating a successful digital marketing agency with happy clients and great results and eventually broke through. 

Since then neither the founders nor the company has looked back leading to successful marketing campaigns for 500+ companies in various sectors and industries.

Case Studies

In marketing, a case study refers to any content that describes how your product or service has helped past customers in an attempt to convert leads into customers. Case studies are relevant  for marketing B2B products, as you can gather data over time and outline how your product made a difference. 

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