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Our Story

Upptick started off as a one man show but now is being run by 2 friends turned partners.

Our Founder started off with an internship in a digital marketing firm 7 years back. He fell in love with how valuable it was to land quality leads for business owners and how much more profitable digital marketing was as compared to traditional marketing. 

The internship led him to a full-time job at the same agency where he went on to lead 21 projects inside the next 9 months. He quickly perceived the growth and the future of digital marketing and doubled down on it by going solo. Hence, the birth of Upptick.

About a few months later, his friend and Upptick’s co-founder joined the team leaving his existing job at yet another digital marketing agency.
The first 8 months were tough for both of them having no experience in running a business whatsoever.

Although, they kept on pursuing their dream of creating a successful digital marketing agency with happy clients and great results and eventually broke through. 

Why choose Us?


Best Quality

We believe in quality not quantity so we keep our promises.

24x7 live support

Always there to help you.

Result Oriented Projects

We provide Best ROI and result oriented techniques to our clients.

Creative Minds​

Innovation and creativity is key to success in modern world , we ensure the same to our clients.

Best ROi Technique​

Our team always keeps in mind to give you and your business the best ROI.

Experienced Professionals​

Our team consists of experienced professionals who help our clients to solve their queries without any problem.

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